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Pat Condell rose to internet stardom in 2007 with a series of topical rants, posted to popular video-sharing websites.  With topics usually centering on religion, politics, and current events, each of Pat's videos quickly caused a stir and racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Most of Pat Condell's videos can be seen on YouTube for free.  A compilation 35 of his videos is available in a DVD collection at

"Pat Condell is unique.  Nobody can match his extraordinary blend of suavity and savagery.  With his articulate intelligence he runs rings around the religious wingnuts that are the targets of his merciless humour.  Thank goodness he is on our side." - Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion

Read an interview with Pat Condell in The Freethinker.

A sample of Pat Condell's videos can be seen on this page.  If you let a video run to the end, you get some links to related videos.  The link selection is made by YouTube.

For the latest of Pat Condell's videos, visit and dotSUB.

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